Week ending 8th November

All the children in Class 4 have had the opportunity to produce some firework inspired artwork this week!

Following on from some Science work on materials the Year 1 children have investigated the best material for Mrs Surman’s washing up gloves!

We have also been the ‘Smartest Class’ this week! Well done to the children for walking so sensibly around school and for being polite.

Week ending 18th October

This week the Reception children have been focusing on maths. They have been doing lots of counting and making sure they count objects accurately, comparing quantities and working on how to make 5 using a part and whole model. We also had a discussion about what everyone already knew about our theme ‘Space’ so we can decide where to go with our learning next.

The Y1s have also used part and whole models, including working out what the missing part or whole is and explaining what they are telling us. They have also started looking at ten frames and representing numbers to 10. In Literacy we have been focusing on using capital letters to start sentences, and how we use ‘I’ in sentences.

We have also been sharing lots of stories, learning new songs and thinking about Autumn and change.

Week beginning 30th September – Class 4

This week the Year 1 children have continued looking at the story The Way Back Home by Oliver Jeffers. We decided on some actions for the story, then acted it out. We then talked about what happened in the story and picked out the beginning, middle and ending. We also used speech bubbles in our English books. The Reception children have made some lovely Harvest fruit and vegetable prints, and have had a go at labelling their fruit and veg. In maths we have been doing lots of counting and thinking about 1 less, including trying to solve some number problems.

Everyone has celebrated Harvest. The Reception children joined the Foundation Stage and sang special Harvest songs together. Year 1 went to the Harvest Festival in the hall. They made ‘thank you for the Harvest’ hats to wear and joined in with the songs.

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